VQ Lite Vape Pod Holders


The VQ Lite is a versatile cellphone vape holder compatible with JUUL. Don’t forget your vape again! Don’t lose your vape again! Never miss a puff!!
Stick it anywhere - on your phone, tablet, laptop, car dashboard, desk, nightstand, or anywhere you want to have your vape close by.
* CONVENIENT - A designated place to hold your vape when not in use
* SANITARY - Don’t get pocket lint or bacteria in your vape pen by letting it loose in your pocket or purse
* SAFE - Holds your vape on the dashboard while you drive!
* FLEXIBLE - Works with any phone – with and without case, regardless of brand.  Can be stuck to almost anything like laptops, tablets, desks, windows, nightstands, etc... Excellent adhesive won’t fall off!

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