IHL Sleep Aid CBD Isolate Oil Tincture for Sublingual or Pulmonary Inhalation 400MG - Golden Hemp Flavor "Dream"


DREAM is a calming patent-pending CBD formulation that provides a deep relaxed feeling. Acting as a sleep aid for those experiencing sleep difficulties or insomnia, DREAM is formulated with CBD and specifically selected essential oils proven through extensive research to provide the desired cerebral effect. Consumed by sublingual administration.

Ingredients - 99+% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Crystal Isolate, Natural and organic plant terpenes and essential oils, Propylene Glycol
Natural and organic aromas and flavorings

Directions of Use - take 1 full dropper under tongue 1 min

FDA Disclaimer -  This product has not been tested by the FDA

MG of CBD (Serving) - Serving Size: 2-5 drops; 1 drop approx. 1mg; 20 full drops; 1 full dropper approx. 20mg

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