IHL CBD Isolate Vape Liquids for Pulmonary Inhalation 400MG


IH LABS premium high grade CBD oil for Pulmonary Inhalation is an ideal delivery system for those who desire the benefits of pure CBD without any other effects. 400MG of pure, high strength CBD Crystal Isolate. Made and imported from Italy.

Ingredients - 99+% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Crystal Isolate Natural and Organic Plant Terpenes and Essential Oils Propylene Glycol Natural and Organic Aromas and Flavorings.

Directions of Use - vape throughout day

FDA Disclaimer - This product has not been tested by the FDA

Mg of CBD (Serving) - Serving Size: 2-5 drops; 1 drop approx. 1mg; 20 full drops; 1 full dropper approx. 20mg

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