IHL RELIEVE Full Spectrum CBD Sublingual Oil Tinctures 1200MG


RELIEVE gives you all the benefits of the magical Hemp plant condensed into a proprietary formulated oil manufactured and imported from Italy. Formulated with the blend of hemp extract and more than 10 specific terpenes, RELIEVE is ideal for the relief of pain, inflammation and stress. RELIEVE blends are loaded with specific Terpenes which provide the entourage effect & full spectrum sensation your system needs for maximum benefit. Hemp extract oil 40mg/ml | 30ml bottle for 30 day supply. Terpene profile 2% Olive oil, Grape seed oil

Ingredients - Hemp Extract Oil (CBD), Terpenes, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Flavoring

Directions of Use - take 1 full dropper under tongue 1 min

FDA Disclaimer - This product has not been tested by the FDA

Mg of CBD (Serving) - Serving Size: 2-5 drops; 1 drop approx. 2mg; 30 full drops; 1 full dropper approx. 40mg

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