How Many Gummies Should I Eat?

May 16 , 2021

How Many Gummies Should I Eat?

CBD gummies are the most popular medical hemp edible. They are not as messy as some other cannabidiol-infused foods, and, compared to capsules, they are really tasty.

On top of everything, they are very, very fun! Whether you prefer gummy bears, snakes, or something else, they will be the perfect companions on your CBD journey.

Like all other CBD edibles, gummies are meant to promote health and wellbeing. You can find them in online stores such as Hemp Shop Express, or you can buy them from one of the numerous brick-and-mortar dispensaries in your neighborhood.

In this article, we will talk about hemp gummies, how many gummies you should eat, and what to expect from them. Enjoy!

How do CBD gummies work?

In order to understand how many gummies you should eat, first, you need to know what to expect.

CBD gummies, as well as other edibles, are digested by our stomach acids and they only start working once they reach the bloodstream. They are the slowest-acting cannabidiol product, but also provide benefits for a longer period of time.

Medical hemp gummies utilize either full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate. Based on the underlying substance, there might be a small difference in terms of the effects.

It is believed that cannabidiol can stimulate the endocannabinoid system. The substance binds to cannabinoid receptors that are a part of this system, thus regulating various internal processes.

A consumer can experience improved sleep patterns, better focus, an increase of energy while feeling less fatigued, etc. Keep in mind that CBD gummies and other medical hemp products are mainly to be used as wellness substances.

Although it is too early to tell, this chemical might also have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. If this turns out to be true, the potential uses for CBD products might completely change. Of course, it is too early to tell at this point.

How much time does it take to feel the effects?

CBD edibles take quite a while to kick in. Compared to most other items that take between 10 to 15 minutes to kick in, gummies require from 30 to 60 minutes (sometimes even more). There are a lot of different things that determine this so, the variations can be quite big.

On the flip side, a great thing about CBD gummies is that they'll remain in your body for a long period of time. You will likely feel the effects for several hours. They peak at around 3 hours, and the sensation can be quite intense.

In some extreme cases, there were reports of gummies providing an 8-hour benefit. That makes them an ideal option for all those who need a long-lasting boost or don't want to readminister the substance several times over.

There are a lot of things that determine when the gummies will kick in and when they will fade. First of all, you need to consider the dosage and the potency of a product.

Taking too many gummies at once can be quite troublesome. One of the biggest dosing issues with gummies is that, unlike quick-acting CBD products, it is hard to tweak edible doses.

In other words, if the amount of gummies you took is not enough, there is no point in taking more as you will have to wait for quite a while for them to start working.

Other factors that will impact the metabolizing of the substance include sex, age, weight, tolerance. When we’re talking about gummies, in particular, it is much better to stick with the original dose. As already mentioned, you shouldn’t increase the quantity while gummies are still in your body.

THC content is another thing that needs to be considered. Most hemp edibles have up to 0.3% THC content. So, there isn't much wiggle room.

The main difference is whether you're using marijuana or hemp gummies, as marijuana gummies will have a much higher content of the substance compared to their counterpart. Anyway, the more THC within a product, the longer it should last.

How many gummies should you eat?

Finding the right dosage is always tricky with hemp products. First of all, we have somewhat limited knowledge regarding these goodies, which makes it harder to provide the right guidance.

If you consider that people use it for various issues, the problem is multiplied. We also need to consider the fact there is no proper regulation, so companies can put all sorts of stuff in them.

The number of gummies you should eat is based on their strength. You can determine this by reading the label. Most companies will tell you how much CBD there is in a single gummy.

Furthermore, responsible companies such as Hemp Shop Express will tell you exactly how many gummies you should take per serving and how many times you can take them during the day. 

Most people dose their CBD based on weight. The recommended dosage goes from 10mg to 25mg and more. So, if you’re a lighter individual, one gummy that has 10mg of cannabidiol will suffice.

Alternatively, a heavier individual will need 3 of them. Your safest bet is to go with a smaller quantity at first and increase the dose after a while. Always remember that you shouldn't readminister the substance while there are gummies in your body.

What are the potential side effects of taking too many gummies?

Cannabidiol products are regarded as safe substances. We have limited data regarding their toxicity. One study suggests that you need to take more than 20,000mg of CBD to reach this threshold.

You would also need to take it all at once. Obviously, most people don’t even have access to such quantities. 

If you do experience issues, they will be mild. Users might get drowsy, their appetite and blood pressure may change, and they might also get dry mouth.

None of these side effects are concerning. On top of that, they will stop as soon as you stop using the product. Keep in mind that the risk of side effects increases as you increase the dose. So, be careful with that.